Quality Policy


  1. お客様の期待に応えるためにお客様の期待に応える製品を作るために、継続的な品質改善活動を行います。
  2. 活動目標

  3. 発生防止・再発防

  4. 法令の順守


We recognize that it is indispensable for the company continuation that we get satisfaction from customer and we are needed by society.We provide products and services with quality first policy.

  1. To meet customer expectation :To manufacture products expected by customer, we continuously take activity for quality improvement.
  2. Activity Goal

    We set quality goal every year and aim to realize by all the staff.
  3. Prevention of nonconformity and the recurrence Quality management system is basic structure and we prevent nonconformity and the recurrence by the effective PDCA cycle.
  4. Compliance with regulations

    We comply with regulations and supply good quality and safety product into the market.


Environmental Policy

私たちは環境問題が重要な課題であることを認識し、本業である精密金属部品の製造を通じて、 環境負荷の少ない、循環型社会の実現に貢献し、持続的発展が可能な社会づくりを推進します。

  1. 行動指針

  2. 法令の順守

  3. 活動目標

  4. 取り組むべき課題






  5. 開示と責任


In our area which is blessed with a richness of nature , we pursues the goal of harmony with the environment through precision parts manufacture by smaller environmental impact. to contribute to become better circulation type society , we also set environmental policy and promote environmental protection.

  1. Guidelines for action

    We establish the Environmental Management Systems, carry out the continuous improvement, and make effortsto prevent the environmental pollution, by all the members.
  2. Compliance

    We follow environmental regulations and other requirements agreed upon by our company.
  3. Target for activity

    We set environmental objectives and goals, carry out in accordance with the environmental policy, and review it periodically.
  4. Tusk to be solved

    For environmental aspect arisen by business activities, we set the following theme and tackle by all the members.

    (1) Saving energy consumption

    (2) Saving resource consumption

    (3) Promotion for appropriate separated refuse and recycling.

    (4) Contribution to the community environment.

  5. Disclosure and responsibility

    We make all the members know this environmental policy and also opened to the public.